Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fedora 13

In my search for the perfect desktop for my Asus eee 701, i found Fedora 13...

It has been a few years since i tried Fedora Core. The other night I decided to try it on my Toshiba Laptop, and my mouth was wide open after the live cd boot...

I found out that the system was fast... So 2+2, and i tried it on the asus... Live boot ok, install ok (minus a small detail on 1 step due to 800x480 screen), run smooth.....

The installation method is very easy, and everything is perfect for the newbie.

I love the choice of Simple Scan for scanner developed by Canonical (Ubuntu). (You must love FLOSS)

Afterall Fedora keep thins lean, clean and easy.

After a few tweaks i could get 105Mb of ram usage after boot, yes, with Gnome....

Install this, remove that, and after all i got 1.2 Gb free on harddrive even with 245 Mb of swap, this means a lot of free space...

So, it's a good distro, easy, very stable, with some very nice tools.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

ell, it's here!

So far so good, for my system, Toshiba A300-1RW i got these improvements:

- Compiz and fglrx now work without problems. (Just Great!!!)
- Suspend, hibernate, etc, etc, now out of the box (2 x Just Great!!!)
- Boot is fast, but not really fast (I upgraded, not fresh install)

What is not so good yet!

- No fn keys yet (no problemo....)

All the rest is great as usual....

I'll leave you with my screenshot with compiz....

Look at it.... So nice..... And it look's very easy ain't it???
Made in Portugal