Monday, March 22, 2010

Why don't you Linux? 10 Reasons you should!


1 - You can acess Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Twitter, etc., etc.!

2 - Yes, you can even play Farmville in Linux!

3 - 99,999% free of Virus!

4 - You can watch videos, ear music, plug your IPhone!

5 - It comes with most of the software you ever need installed!

6 - You dont have to search outside your system for software, every piece of software you install is refered and safe to install!

7 - You can use your USB Pen, External HD, and everything compatible with Windows.

8 - Have new hardware? Just Plug and Play! There is more hardware supported in Linux than in Windows 7 (for certain if you count the number of old periphals that Win7 don't support)!

9 - It's easy to install, see post and you don't need to install to try!

10 - You know a lot of Linux developers, such as: IBM, Intel, HP, Google, Oracle. If they trust and develop Linux, why don't you?

Linux is easy... Believe me....

Bricscad and DWG cad Again

I'm posting this to comment on latest release of Bricscad and Alpha release of their cad package for Linux.

This release it's named Alpha 10.3.7, and it continues with great improvement.

Everytime a new release is out, a great number of new features is added and is closer to windows version.

In the next image there is a screenshot of this native version of Bricscad with a drawing that i made for production.

There are some features missing, but for simples drawings it's ready. It's been a few weeks since i dont have the need for boot my Windows virtual machine.
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