Monday, March 22, 2010

Why don't you Linux? 10 Reasons you should!


1 - You can acess Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Twitter, etc., etc.!

2 - Yes, you can even play Farmville in Linux!

3 - 99,999% free of Virus!

4 - You can watch videos, ear music, plug your IPhone!

5 - It comes with most of the software you ever need installed!

6 - You dont have to search outside your system for software, every piece of software you install is refered and safe to install!

7 - You can use your USB Pen, External HD, and everything compatible with Windows.

8 - Have new hardware? Just Plug and Play! There is more hardware supported in Linux than in Windows 7 (for certain if you count the number of old periphals that Win7 don't support)!

9 - It's easy to install, see post and you don't need to install to try!

10 - You know a lot of Linux developers, such as: IBM, Intel, HP, Google, Oracle. If they trust and develop Linux, why don't you?

Linux is easy... Believe me....

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