Sunday, September 6, 2009

Easy Way to try Linux

Most people in windows want to try Linux but are afraid of damaging their windows OS.

So, here are 2 recepies to tryout this wonderfull OS.

1 - To try any distro, go to and choose anyone. If you want to burn a CD from the iso you just downloaded, its ok, but i recomend you to go other way....
     - Dowload and run unetbootin and place a usb pen >1gb so you can use it to get the iso
     - Then you may choose any distro on the listing, and it will start download and place it in the usb of your choice
     - When you restart your computer you must press some key to choose where to boot from, usually F12 or ESC, then you choose the USB
     - If you dont find the key to choose where to boot, you must go to your bios and choose USB to boot 1st than your hard drive

2 - Other way is, limited to Ubuntu is to use WUBI, justo go to, download and install as a regular program in windows, and when you restart you may go to Ubuntu without messing up partitions. That's the way i started, so i recommend it.

Now you dont have excuse to don't try Linux. Easy, isn't it?

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