Monday, September 14, 2009

Linux Project Management - OpenProj

Most used software in windows world for project management, is the well known Microsoft Project. The is allready an alternative for Linux, and Mac OS too, written in Java.

This software is Openproj, it is able to open .mpp files, and save them in XML format so MS Project users could open them.

I've been working in a 180Mb mpp file, and Openproj opened it without any problems.

Openproj has 2 versions:

- Openproj - Free version
- Projects on Demand - Payed version 180$ a year (with support)

I've only tried Openproj, but the prices for extend version are very good.

I give you a screenshot of that 180Mb mpp file  I've been working on.

As you can see a very large file, with a lot of information. Openproj is not perfect, but it will.
Another easy to install tool and easy to work, and a lot cheaper in Linux than windows...

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