Friday, September 11, 2009

Dwg cad in Linux

Cad has been over the last years one of the most request type of software for the Linux platform.

There are several professional options, but the real good are very expensive. Of course there is no Autocad, no Solidworks, but there are a few similar ones, but not good enough yet for real work.

- Varicad (3D/2D) - Good for 3D but not good enough for DWG
- Briscad (a very old wine version) - see below
- Qcad - DWF only, but not good enough for complex drawings
- .....

As i stated before this is the only application i still use in Windows.

But all of this is about to change......

According to Bricsys, the makers of Bricscad, in Q4 2009 (very soon) a beta release of Bricscad is about to come out. This time not a wine version, but a real native version. -> see post #91

I believe that this release will be one of the most important news for Linux World. I'm 100% sure that will be a lot of engineers moving to Linux and leaving windows behind their back. I know, because i'm one of them, all all my team will too.

So while not possible to have 100% of the software native to Linux we continue to use virtualbox to run our cad software, but hope this will not take long....

Soon it will be very easy to draw and open dwg files in Linux.....

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