Friday, June 3, 2011

Treepad Alternative - Cherrytree

After a few months I'm back on my writings... My 7 months old daughter take my breath and my time away...

So today I'll be writing about a wonderful project from an Italian programmer, named Giuseppe (aka Giuspen).

As you may notice from the title, Cherrytree is a Treepad alternative, a hierarchical note taking application, and a very good one. It has a lot of advantages comparing to treepad:

1 - It's Open Source and Linux is supported natively
2 - It supports Images, tables and other rich text features
3 - Export to html
4 - Import from treepad and other alike
5 - Syntax highlighting
6 - Save all stuff in a single file

The project is supported by various translators (including me in Portuguese, not completed yet), and others are welcome.

The application runs real fast, can be docked to notification area, and it opens the last saved file. Recently it also allows multiple instances.

Giuspen, has a lot of ideas for making Cherrytree even better. If I could code as good as he, sure I'll give him a boost in Cherrytree, the program I use everyday for taking personal notes, and for work.

Finally one last taught about cherrytree.... What if Debian or Ubuntu packed it in repositories? I believe it would be great for most users that are not aware of this wonderful piece of software.


  1. I also found this little program to be very good. I have a file around 800k in size with all my bits and pieces in it. The program is a bit slow when searching, say in comparison to Notecase, but is made up for with all the little features, like extensive import possibilities, formatting, ToC generation, markup of text and so on.
    +1 for wishing it was in the Deb/Ubuntu repos!!
    Thanks for the review.

  2. Well,they do have Zim desktop wiki.

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  4. This is a great program. I recommend you trying it. I have tried others... BasKet for example, and while they are fine, cherrytree is quicker and has a more logical structure and work-flow. Those things that are missing from the functionality seem to be on the 'todo' list for the future. Also, saving your db to dropbox allows the use of cherrytree in a synced fashion across different machines. This is something I have found problematic with BasKet - though your mileage may vary on this....


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