Thursday, March 21, 2013

My new Ubuntu Laptop Windows Free

Today I bought my 2nd Laptop windows free. The first one was a few years ago, the Asus eee 701.

This one is a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and it is made in Portugal, at Inforlândia (Insys).
Its a 15.6" low end desktop, With Intel B830 at 1,8Ghz a 320Gb SATA HD, wireless, a chiclet keyboard, and a integrated graphic.

Its nice for the price and it comes well configured, just updating, and copying my home folder from my old main laptop.

This machine was bought in a retail shop, and beside this one the other laptop with ubuntu was just an Asus netbook. Coincidence, there was a couple looking at it, and the first question to the seller was "how do I connect this to internet". Off course they could not answer.

My conclusion is that people want to try new stuff, but the brands must give at least some little formation to the sellers, so they could sell a new product that they don't know. 

This netbook that couple was looking at had a price better then windows had, and they just wanted to use some web apps. I was tempted to interfere and give some advice, but meanwhile the box with my laptop arrived and I was really in a hurry, maybe next time I visit the shop...

In a world of MAC's and Windows, there is place for Ubuntu (for the non-technical) that is sure.....

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