Tuesday, June 23, 2015

See you Soon!!

Hi all,

I know I haven't been writing a lot here, and the reason is that I moved to my main computer to OS X. However this does not mean that I moved to the dark side :)....

Even though now, I have most of my stuff in Apple (iphone, ipad, OS X), I still work with Linux, but since it is not on my main computer the updates on this blog will be much less.

This change was more than a year ago, and the reason was that I got a little bit tired of fighting device drivers, the need to have a piece of software and not being able to run it. 

The tipping point was after a kernel update not being able to have my wifi running (again), and the device driver was not compiling at all, it was not the first time it happened, but I was not in the mood anymore to go over and over again.

In that day I just wanted to open the laptop and get things done.

Going to MS Windows was never an option since long time ago, so the only viable option was Apple.

I hope I can still find time to keep contributing something to the very best community that is the Linux one!

I'm also starting a new blog that you can check if interested osxmadeasy.blogspot.com!!

See you soon.


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