Monday, September 6, 2010

Linux DWG - Official Release - Bricscad v10

It happened today...

Bricsys released the official version of bricscad V10. No long in beta stage is now commercial with version 10.6.3-2 (windows version is 10.4.18-1).

So now Linux users have a CAD software capable of handling DWG file format.

Now there is no excuse to stay with windows just because you need Autocad. Bricscad is a very capable software and in many case can do better.

The basic version starts on 315€ or 395$ wich is a very nice price. Of course not FOSS, but for production is the best know alternative in Linux.

You can download a trial version of Bricscad here

Here is a nice screenshot:

From Bricscad website:

Bricscad™ V10 for Linux released

Sep 6, 2010BricscadLinuxV10
Gent Belgium and Merrimack NH USA, September 6, 2010 – Bricsys is the first to release a .dwg based CAD software for Linux users. Bricsys NV, the developer of Bricscad, announced today that Bricscad V10 for Linux is now available
Bricscad V10 is the first .dwg based CAD platform available for the Linux Operating System. Bricscad V10, the leading alternative CAD platform for the .dwg file format, continues to offer freedom of choice to the CAD and Engineering community.
The Linux community so far had no access to .dwg based CAD, commonly accepted as the standard CAD file format. With Bricscad V10 for Linux that problem is solved and people don’t have to stick with the Windows OS just because they need .dwg based CAD.
Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys, comments: “We consider Bricscad V10 for Linux as a milestone for our company. Despite doubts of many about the viability of a native Linux based professional CAD product, we are convinced that there is a strong demand for it and a huge potential for applications. Bricsys is the right company to play a leading role in this evolution. For now we want to thank the thousands of Beta testers that helped us to finalize this version.”
Bricscad V10 for Windows is highly appreciated for its rich set of API’s. Today well over 500 Third party application developers are in the process of porting their applications to Bricscad V10 and 155 applications are released. This first release of Bricscad V10 for Linux comes immediately with the complete LISP, DCL and Diesel API’s. Encryption is available for commercial LISP based applications and users can run their LISP routines without any modification. The Bricscad LISP engine is one of the fastest available. Depending on the demand of application developers, Bricsys will extend the set of API’s for the Linux platform.
Initially Bricscad will support three Linux flavors: Fedora 12 or higher, OpenSuse 11.1 or higher and Ubuntu 9.10 or higher. The English version of Bricscad V10 for Linux is available in the Bricsys e-store. The other 15 language versions will be available within days.


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  2. Very impressive. I wonder how the upcoming new release of QCAD will compare with BricsCAD. Nice to see some competition brewing in the Linx CAD world.

  3. At least they don't have that stupid ribbon interface like AutoCAD (who licensed it from M$)

  4. A free (as in free beer) native dwg viewer for linux is still missing. Using the free viewer of Brava under wine is way too cumbersome and slow.
    I wonder if we can expect from Bricscad a release of such a viewer, now that the main work is done.

  5. Bricscad is gr8 'n i'm using it in Fedora 16. Also i don't think that the ribbon is stupid, i think it gr8 too.


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